Okay, some very basic information.

Game Genre: Sci-Fi, Space Western.
A group of hardscrabble independent traders/mercenaries/criminals try to make ends meet and keep flying in a universe that seems determined to wear them out or shoot them down. Just make sure that your guns are loaded, you get half up front, and to never trust a government man.

Game System: Freeform, play-by-post.
No particular mechanics to start with; as things develop, we may begin adding some simple rules to help cover common situations, but mostly things proceed by consensus, gm interpretation, and common sense (in that order). We will use the Obsidian Portal forums section here [link].

Level of GM Scrutiny: Minimal.
Honestly, a lot of the time, the GM shouldn’t even need to get involved. If you’re doing normal in-character activities, and want to just describe what happens, go ahead. Say that you breeze past the authorities on the planet Podunk IV and deliver your cunningly concealed cargo, get payment, and round out the night by trashing some of the locals in a bar brawl. You can probably swing that, so who am I to say otherwise? I’ll step in where and when I need to, to help move the story along or provide narrative context.

Character Creation: Please take the time to build a character for the game. See the Character Creation section of the wiki for guidelines. Afterward, go to the “Characters” section and select “Create a New Character”

Void Frontier

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