Character Creation

Please use the Character Sheet and the character creation steps on this page to create a character. Then, post it in the Characters section [link needed].

Your character in Void Frontier is mostly what you imagine him or her to be. The following is a set of general options which will help you to build a character that fits in the Void Frontier universe. Your character build will help you, the GM, and other players to have a general understanding of your character’s abilities and role in the group.

Step 1: Choose a Species

The following species are appropriate for player characters. See the links for a description of each.

Note: your choice of species may affect your options for step 2.


Step 2: Choose Traits

Traits reflect a character’s inborn talents.

Some Traits are marked as Augment Traits. This means that the character must have arrived at this trait through genetic manipulation or cybernetic implantation (choose one that is appropriate). Note: characters receive such augmentations for a reason. Think of how your character came to be augmented and build this into his/her background.

Most species get to pick 2 traits. Illchar and Drullor characters (and possibly others) have a trait associated with their race and get to pick 1 from the list. See the links for a description of each trait. Note that some traits will inevitably overlap a bit.

Standard Traits

Iron Willed

Augment Traits

Idetic Memory
Enhanced Senses
Cellular Regeneration
Environmental Adaptation (select a particular kind of harsh environment)

The list of traits is not exhaustive. If you can think of a trait that better describes your characters natural abilities, or if you think of a useful augmentation, you may use it with the GM’s permission.

Step 3: Pick a Career

Your character’s career is a vague description of his major area of expertise. It does not necessarily refer to an actual or current occupation. Throughout the game, you will draw on your character’s career to bypass obstacles and further the plot in a creative way.

Some careers will ask you to pick a specialization. For example: a Military career will be specialized in either Marksman or Commando. Picking Commando makes you a master of covert infiltration. You can still fire a rifle better than the average character, but your are notably less proficient than a specialized sniper.

Select a career (and a specialization if applicable). See the links for a description of each. Note: once everybody picks their first choice for career and specialization, each character can take another career that does not overlap with anyone else’s choices.

Military (Commando/Marksman)
Engineering (Technician/Inventor)
Science (Doctor/Researcher)
Investigation (Detective/Journalist)
Criminality (Infiltrator/Confidence Man)
Psi Ops (Telepath/Telekinetic)
Piloting (Navigator/Dogfighter/Driver)

Vorcanidae Knight (Prerequisite: Vorcanidae species)
Drullor Trader (Prerequisite: Drullor species)
Hasp Scavenger (Prerequisite: Hasp species)
Illchar Zealot (Prerequisite: Illchar species)

h5. Step 4: Choose Skills

It has been decided that a skills section is not necessary. Players can assume what practical skills they have based on their careers. For example: A Military character will have training in weapons of all sorts, while a Scientist Doctor will be proficient at first aid.

Character Creation

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